A Thanksgiving Feast

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A succulent Thanksgiving offering!


Available both at EatMe's flagship shop in Steelhead Nevermoor but for this week only can be gotten at Softpaw's Indoor Teahouse!

60 L Weekend

Saturday, November 19, 2011

*The Fae kitty waves from her new spot as official Eat Me Blogger*

The EatMe Bakery has joined 60L weekends! Here is our first offering.

A fabulously scrumptious plate of Macaroon’s suitable for a harvest table. The platter offers you a delectable four flavors, ginger pear, pumpkin spice, cranberry walnut, and chocolate moose.

JUST for the weekend it is 60L available at EatMe's Steelhead Nevermoor Location SLURL

After this weekend they will be 150L, Still a steal!

Like most of Eat Me's items it comes with an extremely low Lag temp-rezzing script. That has been checked out by several sim admins to make sure it will not adversely affect sim performance.

So it wont eat your prims or your sim performance!


Love is in the air...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

and spreading rapidly across the grid! Is it me or is Valentine's Day (or as i like to call it, Singles Awareness Day) this excuse for all kinds of lovey dovey, ooey gooey, touch-me-in-places-i-cant-mention-here themed stuff? Oh, it isn't just me? *phew* well then you wont hate me for this...

Thats right ladies, its the Valintine Diva Hunt! Chuck full of sassy, funky, sexy, cool stuff for the diva in you, and The Eat Me Bakery is in the list of destinations! While most shops on the list offer clothing and accessories, im giving you a little something for that special evening at home with your signifigant other. and before your mind makes the trip out your ear and into the gutter let me tell you that its food, ok? FOOD! And what can be more romantic than feeding the one you love? So im proud to present to you:

This set comes with three offerings, A selection of cupcakes, Artisan cheeses with fresh fruit, and prawns and oysters. there is also champagne and a scattering of Victorian Valentine's day cards with a single red rose. Perfect for a romantic evening at home.

Huzzah! A new blog!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello and welcome to The Eat Me Bakery's new blog! Check us out for new releases, info on sales an much more! We specialize in Custom cakes, as well as interactive cupcakes, jewelry, and decor!

to kick things off, my debut of my newest, cake Lady Jacquelene, made for my dear friend Jacquelene Galthie for her third Rezday! Made to her specifications, Lady Jacquelene is an elegant three tier cake adorned with a whimsical twig garland and accented by clusters of her favorite flowers. This cake is is perfect for Fae or Elven Celebrations, and Elegant enough for weddings. Priced at 650L you get the cake, which gives slices, along with a giant daisy to display it on. Only available at The Eat Me Bakery!